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abduct (verb), abducts; abducted; abducting
1. To lead, take away, or carry off improperly, whether by force or fraud; to carry off, to kidnap: Tamara Patrick and her child were abducted from their home.

The hitchhiker tried to abduct Jim's backpack, which was lying next to the road, when Jim was taking a toilet break.

Melinda Pearl was wondering what would happen if the man abducted the puppy without getting permission.

The customer saw Douglas Johnson who was abducting a package of grapes from the store.

2. To pull something, such as a muscle, away from the midpoint or midline of the body or of a bodily limb: When Jason fell, he abducted a muscle in his leg and so he had to limp to the bench so he could sit down.
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abduct (ab DUKT) (verb), abducts; abducted; abducting
To kidnap, to take someone away illegally, using force, fraud, or any other similar method, and to keep that person confined against his or her will: Kidnappers abducted the child and kept him hidden from his parents until a ransom was paid.

Abducting anyone is against the law and is severely punishable.

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