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abdominal gestation, ectopic pregnancy
1. Development of a fetus outside the uterus in the abdominal cavity.
2. The implantation of a fertilized ovum outside the uterus but within the peritoneal cavity or the space within the abdomen that contains the intestines, the stomach, and the liver and which is held together by thin membranes.
3. An ectopic pregnancy, in which the fertilized egg implants in a location outside the uterus where it attempts to develop.

The word ectopic means "in an abnormal place or position" where the most common site is the fallopian tube, the tube that normally carries eggs from the ovary to the uterus.

In this case, ectopic pregnancy can also occur in the ovary, the abdomen, and the cervical canal (the opening from the uterus to the vaginal canal).

The phrases tubal pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, cervical pregnancy, and abdominal pregnancy all refer to the specific areas of an ectopic pregnancy.