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abdication (ab" duh KAY shuhn) (s) (noun), abdications (pl)
1. The act or fact of giving up a high office, a throne, or an authority; resignation: The council denied that their decision represented any abdication of responsibility.
2. The action of formally renouncing, disowning, or casting off; now only applied to the disowning of a son in Roman Law: In choosing the abdication of his son as his successor, the landlord broke the line of succession of ownership.
3. Resignation, surrender, abnegation: The abdication of Joy Little's position as judge left her with a sense of relief.
4. Resignation or abandonment, either formal or virtual, of sovereignty or other high trust: The abdication of Gerald Room's position as Chief Executive Officer surprised everyone.
5. A formal yielding or relinquishment of the ownership of goods by an insurer to the underwriters: The insurance company determined that the abdication of ownership of the ship was the only way to cut their losses when the ship was wrecked.

It seemed like a long summer of abdications; first the prince's abdication of the throne to marry the woman he loved, then we had the CEO's abdication of his position as head of the company.

6. Etymology: from Latin abdicationem; from ab-, "away" + dicare, "proclaim".
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abdication, addiction
abdication (ab" duh KAY shuhn) (noun)
A formal resignation and renunciation of powers; such as, a high office, a throne, or an authority; a resignation: The abdication by the king was expected and desired by the citizens of the country.
addiction (uh DIK shuhn) (noun)
A devotion to or an abnormally strong craving and dependence on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming; such as, caffeine, nicotine, and, especially, alcohol or narcotic drugs: Our friend, Madeline, was still trying to recover from her drug addiction; as well as, her addiction to nicotine via smoking.

When Mildred decided to end her addiction to smoking, Maria and Melissa agreed to support her, including her abdication as organizer of the Friday night social meetings which usually took place in smoky clubs and restaurants.