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abate (verb), abates; abated, abating
1. To moderate the intensity of something or to make it decrease: It is hoped that the wind will abate after the storm.

Instead of leaving right away, Marge and Mack decided to wait until the storm abated before going on their hike.

2. To suppress or to end a nuisance, act, or writ: Carl's neighbor finally abated the loud noise created by the music that was being played earlier in the evening.
3. Etymology: from Old French abattre, "to beat down"; from Latin ad-, "to" + battuere, "to beat".

Abate generally means "to lessen" or "to decrease" in some way, but it may also mean "to stop" or "to suppress". A storm, fever, and pain can abate; however, "interest declines". People abate a nuisance, terminate a controversy, suppress a rebellion, curtail or reduce production when there is a surplus.

To reduce in degree or intensity or to subside.
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To decrease the intensity of something or to moderate it; to suppress or to end that which is disturbing others. (1)