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(Greek: a thing said; a word; a term)
(Latin: two, double; a word element for the number "2")
(Greek: truth, true meaning, real [the root meaning, true meaning or literal meaning of a word])
(a slip of the tongue, a mistake in uttering a word, an imprudent word inadvertently spoken; as expressed by public personalities in this series of articles)
(Greek: something fixed or fastened together; a suffix that denotes conjoined twins, the first element of a word denotes the parts fused)
(linguistic terms for words with two or more meanings; usually, multiple meanings of a word or words)
(Greek > Latin: drinking; a word termination [suffix] denoting a relationship to drinking or the intake of fluids)
(Latin: four, fourth; a word element for number 4)
(Latin: five, fifth; a word element for number 5)
(Latin: fifth, five; a word element for 5)
(Latin: seven, seventh; a word element for number 7)
(Latin: six, sixth; a word element for number 6)
(Greek > Latin: a numerical prefix meaning, three, thrice, threefold; triple; a word element for number 3)
(Latin: one, single; a word element for number 1)
(symbols at the beginning and end of a word or groups of words)
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