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procrustean (proh KRUS tee uhn) (adjective), more procrustean, most procrustean
1. A reference to an attempt to produce uniformity or conformity by heavy-handed and arbitrary means: As the supervisor, Irwin used a procrustean manner and reasoning to make his subordinates comply with his company's standards.
2. Relating to a process of trying to establish strict requirements by using any and all means possible, including violence: Cornelia left the company because she felt that its working standards and the treatment of its employees were too procrustean.

Harris warned his fellow workers that the new manager tended to use procrustean methods to enforce uniformity even if it meant employees could lose their jobs.

3. Etymology: from Greek Prokroustes, "one who stretches" from prokrouein, "to beat, to hammer out, to stretch out"' from pro-, "before" + krouein, "to strike, to beat, to push."

Used in a figurative sense of "aiming to produce conformity by arbitrary means".

A reference to the making other people conform by arbitrary methods.
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