Orchid Words Quiz #1

Choose one answer for each number that correctly matches the definitions or statements in the questions.

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  1. A plant that is often remarkable for brilliancy of color and “outlandish” form.
    (a) orchidacean (b) orchidology (c) orchidist
    (d) orchioplasty (e) orchid
  2. Any disease of the testis.
    (a) orchioneuralgia (b) orchotomy (c) synorchism
    (d) orchiopathy (e) orchitis
  3. Shrinking of the testis.
    (a) orchidic (b) orchidalgia (c) orchidatrophy
    (d) orchalgia (e) monorchis
  4. Excessive internal secretion of the testicles.
    (a) hyperorchidism (b) cryptorchism (c) anorchus
    (d) cryptorchid (e) hyporchidism
  5. Surgical removal of undescended testicles.
    (a) hyperorchidism (b) cryptorchidectomy (c) macroorchidism
    (d) microrchidia (e) orchiodynia
  6. Inflammation of the testis.
    (a) orchidology (b) orchidometer (c) orchidopexy
    (d) orchiditis (e) orchidoplasty
  7. Surgical reconstruction of the testis.
    (a) orchiotherapy (b) orchioscirrhus (c) orchioplasty
    (d) polyorchis (e) triorchism
  8. Presence of one or more supernumerary testes.
    (a) orchiopathy (b) orchiopexy (c) orchotomy
    (d) orchitic (e) polyorchidism
  9. Destroying testicular tissue.
    (a) orchilytic (b) orchiomyeloma (c) orchiectomy
    (d) orchidoncus (e) orchidist
  10. Involuntary rising and falling movements of the testes.
    (a) monorchism (b) orchectomy (c) orchichorea
    (d) microrchidia (e) anorchism

The words in this quiz are located at this orchido- unit.

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