Iktho-Story Quiz #1

Choose the answer button in each numerical group that correctly matches the bold word indicated for the number. If you change your mind, just click on the new answer and it will replace the one you want to change.

Choose just one answer for each presentation. When you have completed all of the choices, click on the “Calculate your score” button at the bottom of the quiz and you will receive the results of your efforts.

If you choose any incorrect answers, you will be told which questions have the wrong responses (including those that were left unanswered, if any).

  1. The element xeno means:
    (a) strange (b) bird (c) beneath (d) hate
    (e) animal

  2. To be loquacious means to be
    (a) diseased (b) named (c) talkative (d) far away
    (e) hated

  3. The element hydro means
    (a) heat (b) under (c) hot (d) dry
    (e) aqua

  4. To ambulate means to
    (a) run (b) dance (c) talk (d) walk
    (e) push

  5. The element pisces refers to
    (a) a plant (b) astrology (c) a fish (d) pieces
    (e) water

  6. In, “He got up post he fell” means
    (a) mail (b) after (c) wood (d) back
    (e) before

  7. The element mono means
    (a) strange (b) kissing disease (c) one (d) two
    (e) illness

  8. The use of nomenclature refers to
    (a) disease (b) talking (c) choosing (d) naming
    (e) science

  9. Ortho refers to
    (a) teeth (b) spelling (c) dentistry (d) back
    (e) correct

  10. The element choreo means
    (a) color (b) time (c) around (d) circle
    (e) dance

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