Etymological Analysis of Words, Quiz #2

Choose one answer for each number that correctly matches the definitions or statements in the questions.

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  1. Choose the word that means, "a reference to heat (Greek) that is produced by radiant (Greek, light) energy".
    (a) phototropism (b) photoluminescence (c) photophilia
    (d) photokinesis (e) aphototaxis (f) phosphorolysis
    (g) photothermy (h) diaphototropism (i) euphototropism
    (j) noctilucine (k) lucifugous (l) lucotherapy

  2. Find the word that means, "a change in the rate of motion (Greek) in response to a light (Greek) stimulus".
    (a) phototropism (b) photophobia (c) diaphototropism
    (d) phosphorolysis (e) scintigraphy (f) aphototaxis
    (g) phosphorous (h) photophilia (i) photalgia
    (j) photokinesis (k) photocutaneous (l) lucifugal

  3. Decide which word means, "living" (Greek) or "thriving only in light" (Greek).
    (a) phothermal (b) stenophotic (c) trisyllable
    (d) photolethal (e) elucidate (f) luciferous
    (g) lucotherapy (h) translucence (i) bioluminescence
    (j) photobiotic (k) thermoluminescence (l) scintiscan

  4. Determine which word means, "the emission of light", (Latin) "produced, coming by biochemical processes without the production of heat" (Latin).
    (a) luminosity (b) photophobotaxis (c) phosphorhidrosis
    (d) photocutaneous (e) luciphilous (f) photogenic
    (g) luminance (h) photalgia (i) luminescence
    (j) photophilia (k) phosphorous (l) lucifugal

  5. Select the word that is defined as, "generating" (Latin, bear, carry) or "giving off light" (Latin).
    (a) pseudomania (b) pseudogeusia (c) fallacious
    (d) pseudologia (e) pseudonymous (f) pseudopod
    (g) infallible (h) pseudoesthesia (i) faulty
    (j) pseudandry (k) falsetto (l) luminiferous

  6. Choose the word which means, "ocular pain (Greek) caused by light" (Greek).
    (a) photothermy (b) aphototaxis (c) dysphotic
    (d) photophilia (e) lucifugal (f) phosphorus
    (g) phototropism (h) stenophotic (i) noctilucent
    (j) photorespiration (k) phototoxic (l) photalgia

  7. Choose the word that means, "giving off light" (Latin) "during darkness" (Latin).
    (a) euryphotic (b) photophobia (c) photogenic
    (d) photothermy (e) phototaxis (f) lucicolous
    (g) lucotherapy (h) luciferous (i) noctilucent
    (j) triboluminescence (k) luminosity (l) pelucidity

  8. Click on the word which means, "the science" (Greek, spoken about) "of the effects of light" (Greek) "on living (Greek) organisms, including photosynthesis".
    (a) photothermatic (b) photology (c) photophobotaxis
    (d) photoautotrophic (e) photodynia (f) photodermatitis
    (g) lucicolous (h) scintillescent (i) photobiology
    (j) noctilucent (k) photoluminescence (l) euphototropism

  9. Choose the word that is defined as, "being aware of, or having the sensation" (Greek) of light" (Greek).
    (a) tachyphagia (b) lucicole (c) photogenesis
    (d) luciphilous (e) photorespiration (f) photoesthetic
    (g) photothermal (h) photoluminescence (i) phototropism
    (j) photophilia (k) lucifugal (l) photopathy

  10. Decide which word is defined as, "avoiding" or "being repelled" (Latin) "by bright light" (Latin).
    (a) photography (b) photosynthesis (c) photoluminescence
    (d) photophilia (e) lucifugal (f) photobiology
    (g) scintillation (h) photothermy (i) illuminance
    (j) luminosity (k) photogenic (l) luciphilous

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