glutto-, glutt-

(Latin: to swallow, gulp down)

The act of swallowing.
englut, engluts; englutted; englutting (nouns)
1. To gulp down; to swallow greedily.
2. To overeat or to eat immodestly; "to make a pig of oneself".
Gluttonous; greedy.
1. To swallow, gulp down; greedily eating too much.
2. A supply of something that is much greater than can be sold or is needed or wanted: "The current glut of university graduates could mean that many of them will not be able to find jobs."
3. A furry, northern animal (Gulo gulo) related to the marten and weasel but larger; the American variety is the wolverine.
glut, glut, gluten, glutton
glut (GLUT) (noun)
Too much of something or a supply of something that is much more than is needed or wanted: "There is a glut of oil on the market."
glut (GLUT) (verb)
To fill with more of something than is needed or wanted: "Seeing the amount of food piled up on his plate, there is no doubt that Rodger will glut himself during this meal."
gluten (GLOOT'n) (noun)
A protein substance in wheat and flour which does not dissolve in water but becomes sticky, holding dough together: "The amount of gluten in the flour is an important factor in how well the bread dough will rise."
glutton (GLUT'n) (noun)
1. Someone who eats too much: "Karl is a glutton for ice cream and pie."
2. Someone who wants a large amount of something: "Mildred is a glutton for gossip."

The gluten-free items in the health-food store did not appeal to the glutton who liked to glut himself with starchy treats.

—Callie Cardamon

There was a glut on the market of gluten free products many of which were very appealing to the glutton who prided himself by having a natural products diet.

An obsolete form of gluttony.
1. Someone who greedily eats too much; devouring, voracious.
2. A person who eats or consumes immoderate amounts of food and drink.
3. Someone with an inordinate capacity to receive or withstand something: "He was a glutton for punishment as he stayed up to work until just before dawn."
gluttonize, gluttonise
1. To eat to excess; to eat voraciously; to gormandize.
2. To eat a lot and without restraint.
3. The act of swallowing, gulping down.
1. Inclined to eat too much and to do it greedily; greedy; insatiable.
2. Given to or marked by gluttony.
3. Indulging in something, such as an activity, to excess; voracious.
gluttony, gluttonies
1. The habit or act of eating too much.
2. The vice of excessive eating; said to be "one of the seven deadly sins".
3. Excess in eating and/or drinking.

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