cole-, coleo- +

(Greek: sheath, scabbard; in medicine, a combining form that means "sheath" or "vagina")

Don't confuse this cole-, "sheath, vagina" unit with the following -cole, -cola, -coles (living among, dwelling in); coll-, col- (neck); collo-, coll- (glue); colo-, col- (colon, large intestine); and colon-, coln- (farm, settlement) units.

Vaginitis or inflammation of the vagina.
1. Herniation through the vagina.
2. A vaginal tumor or hernia.
An inflammatory condition of the vagina and the urinary bladder.
1. The beetles, the largest order of insects, consisting of over 300,000 species.
2. Etymology: from New Latin, neuter plural of Greek koleopteros, "sheath-winged", from koleo(s); also koleo(n), "a sheath" + ptera, "wings".
In biology, a fondness for beetles.
Prolapse of the wall of the vagina.
coleorhiza (s), coleorhizae (pl)
A sheath of tissue that surrounds the radicle in a grass plant embryo.
coleotomy, colpotomy
1. A surgical incision into the pericardium or the vagina.
2. An incision into the wall of the vagina.