Advertising or Sending a Personal Message on this Word Info site

(there are over 64,000 word-entry sections, or word topics, which advertisers may choose to "buy" at a reasonable price with links to their sites of choice)

Prices are negotiable for a word or a unit of words which you may link to your site of choice, or use to send special messages or quotes, for short term or years to come.

Links can be made to your business or personal site which will stay there for as long as you want them to be there; so, thousands of visitors will know about your business or your inspirational messages.

There are limitations as to the kind of businesses which will be accepted; for example, no pornographic or other sexually explicit sites will be allowed nor will any hatred (racial, gender, etc.) be accepted; and violence-types of sites will not be accepted either!

Arrangements for individuals who want to contribute to the on-going of this site will also be welcome or letting people know about your book or the sales of books are all possibilities.

If you are interested in placing ads or special messages on this Word Info site, send an e-mail to John Robertson at for more information.