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  1. Your help in filling in hundreds of incomplete word units with definitions of existing words, and also adding new relevant words and definitions when discovered, would be a significant contribution.
  2. The scribe suggests that visitors make contributions to the Word Info dictionary.
    • Examine the approximately 3,670+ units listed at this index and more than 70 thousand word entries.
    • Write to me and indicate your special interests.
    • You will be provided with on-line dictionary sources and, if you have access to dictionary resources, you may also use them to complete the units of unfinished words.
  3. Make purchases from those who are advertising on many of the pages. If you see an ad that contains a product or service you can use, your purchase will serve as a contribution to this project. Most of these ads are not paid for in advance.
  4. Of course, your donation of monetary aid to help pay for the growing expenses resulting from increases in the thousands of user visits could also be a significant contribution. The more visitors who use the dictionary, the more it costs in service-provider fees.
  5. Make a personal financial contribution of $50.00 or more and be recognized as a generous donator.
  6. If you represent a business or organization that desires to advertise, a donation of $1,000, would result in a special link to your web-site link for at least a year.
  7. The greater the financial donation, the longer the ad will be listed for hundreds of thousands of users to see and to utilize as connections to your business.

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