phobo-, phob-, -phobia, -phobias, -phobe, -phobiac, -phobist, -phobic, -phobism, -phobous

(Greek: fear, extreme fear of; morbid, excessive, irrational fear, or terror of something or someone; however, sometimes this Greek element also means a strong dislike, dread, or hatred for something or someone)

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There are only two forces that unite men: fear and self-interest.

—Napoleon Bonparte
capnophobiac (s) (noun), capnophobiacs (pl)
Anyone or those, who have a dread, or extreme hatred, of smoking and being around people who are doing it.
An excessive fear of heart disease.
carnophobia (s) (noun), carnophobias (pl)
An excessive fear of, or aversion to, a meat diet or the mere sight of raw or cooked meat.
No, get that meat away from me.
NO! Get that meat away from me!
I ordered a vegetable dish, not that lousy meat!

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Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and to let the food fight it out inside.

—Mark Twain
catagelophobia, categelophobia
An excessive fear of being ridiculed or of being “put down” by someone. This is no doubt based on having a “low self-esteem”.
An abnormal fear of jumping (from both high and low places).
A strong antipathy to being ridiculed or criticized.
An excessive fear of sitting down.
catoptrophobia (s) (noun), catoptrophobias (pl)
An excessive fright of mirrors that may be based on ancient fears and superstitions about reflections: The earliest known looking glasses were the quiet waters of pools or ponds. Primitives believed that when they saw their own images in pools, or any other reflective surfaces, they didn't just see an exact likeness of themselves, but their own souls looking back at them.

In the past, "catoptromancy", or mirror divination, was practiced and so it might have caused people to have catoptrophobias.

A slim girl has a fear of seeing herself in a mirror as being overweight.
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Some people who have catoptrophobia are afraid of looking in mirrors because they may see themselves with physical conditions or appearances that are not realistic.

cenophobia (s) (noun), cenophobias (pl)
An unusual fear of empty rooms or barren spaces.
cenotophobia, cainotophobia
A pathological aversion to new things and new ideas.
ceraunophobia, keraunophobia (s) (noun); ceraunophobias, keraunophobias (pl)
1. An excessive fear of lightning. In psychiatry, ceraunophobia is related to the fear of strong and superior forces; and as such, it appears to stem from fear of a father.
2. An abnormal fear of thunder and lightning which exist in such storms.
chaetophobia, chaeotophobia
An excessive fear of hair including hairy objects, animals, or people.