stentor +

(Greek: Greek herald in the Trojan war [Greek mythology]; powerful voice [literally, "groaner, roarer"])

stentor, Stentor
1. The mythical Greek warrior with an unusually loud voice who died after losing a shouting contest with Hermes.

Stentor was said to have a voice "as loud as that of fifty other men together".

2. A speaker with an unusually loud voice.
3. Any of several trumpet-shaped ciliate protozoans with a mouth at the broad end and which are members of the genus Stentor.
1. Being loud, powerful, or declamatory in tone.
2. Very loud, extremely loud, or powerful in sound.
A voice which is loud, powerful, or booming.
1. Speaking or sounding very loud; stentorian.
2. Having a loud, powerful voice or making a loud sound.