sono-, son-, sona-, -sonous, -sonic, -sonically

(Latin: sound, that which is heard; noise)

auscultatory sounds
A rale (intermittent crackling or bubbling sound produced by fluid in the air passages and air sacs of the lungs), murmur (soft blowing or fluttering sound), bruit (significant sound heard inside the body caused by turbulent blood flow within the heart or blood vessels), fremitus (vibration or tremor, resulting from a physical action such as speaking or coughing, felt by hand and used to assess whether the chest is affected by disease), or other sounds heard during the auscultation examinations of the chest or abdomen.
1. The use of ultrasonic instruments to analyze and map parts of the body.
2. The use by certain animals of echoes of sounds they produce to locate objects in the perceptual field as with bats as they move around.
consonance (KON suh nuhns) (s) (noun), consonances (pl)
1. An agreement with something or someone: The candidate's beliefs are in consonance with his political party's objectives and proposals.
2. Consisting of harmonious sounds which are pleasing to hear: Laura and Jim enjoyed the concert which was full of wonderful consonances from the beginning to the end.
3. The various letters that make pronunciations; usually, at the endings of words: A few examples of consonances include the letters "st" as in the words "first, last, forest, host, slowest, fast, most", etc.
horrisonant (adjective), more horrisonant, most horrisonant
Characteristic of something that sounds beastly or which produces terrible sounds: The misbehavior of the children resulted in the mother yelling horrisonant words at them.
Noise that sounds horrible or dreadful.
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hypersonic (high" pur SAHN ik)
1. Much faster than the speed of sound.
2. Relating to speeds five or more times than that of the normal speed of sound in the air; such as, rockets, certain air currents, aircraft, etc.

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