pyg-, pygo-, -pyga, -pygia

(Greek: rump, bottom; rear end; behind part; the posterior or back part of the body)

callimammapygian (s) (noun), callimammapygians (pl)
A woman who has beautiful breasts and backside.
callipygian (adjective), more callipygian, most callipygian
Normally a reference to a woman who has finely developed or beautifully proportioned bottom parts.
Callipygian Venus
Venus, thought to be more beautiful than any mortal woman, is a sculpture called Callipygian, meaning "of the beautiful bottom" or "of the beautiful backside". The late Hellenistic original once stood at the center of a pool in Nero’s Domus Aurea in Rome.
Callipygian Venus statue
callipygous (adjective), more callipygous, most callipygous
Pertaining to someone who has a finely developed backend.
callipygy (s) (noun), callipygies (pl)
A beautiful or an attractive posterior prominence or a reference to such.
In entomology, situated under the end of the adomen.
An excessively large rear-end or back-side.
Having elongated or ovid buttocks.
Having flat buttocks.
Having broad buttocks.
Having bulging buttocks.
pygal (adjective), more pygal, most pygal
Of or pertaining to the rump or hind quarters of an animal.
pygalgia (s) (noun), pygalgias (pl)
1. Soreness in the buttocks, i.e., a pain in the rump.
2. Related to proctalgia or pain in the rectum.

Word families with similar applications: "back, backside" word units: dorso- (back, on the back); lumbo- (loin, lower back); nuch- (nape of the neck).