(Latin: through, across, over; beyond, by means of)

Ad astra per aspera. (Latin motto)
"To the stars through difficulties" or "To the stars in spite of difficulties."

The motto of the state of Kansas, USA and Campbell University, Buies Creek, North Carolina, USA.

This motto suggests that we achieve great things only by encountering and overcoming adversities; it will be rough going, but we will make it.

Ad augusta per angust. (Latin motto)
To honors through difficulties.

Augusta refers to holy places, angusta to narrow spaces; therefore, sometimes we can not achieve great results without suffering by squeezing through narrow spaces.

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. (Latin statement)
Translation: "For the perpetual remembrance of the thing."

These words are traditionally used to open papal bulls.

Ad virtutem per sapientiam.
To virtue through wisdom.

Motto of Castle Jr. College, Windham, New Hampshire, USA.

antiperspirant (s) (noun), antiperspirants (pl)
convince, persuade
convince (kuhn VINS) (verb)
To bring to an understanding by means of an argument or discussion: Jack mentioned, "Casey, you might be able to convince the teacher that your point of view is right if you can show him another piece of evidence from an authoritative source."
persuade (puhr SWAYD) (verb)
To determine a course of action as the result of reasoning or pleading: Jane said, "O.K., Kurt, if you can persuade my husband to go out for dinner tonight, then I will go, too."

Muriel, if I can persuade you to carry an umbrella, your argument for a walk through the park in this hot sun will convince me of your intention not to get skin cancer.

impervious (adjective), more impervious, most impervious
1. Not allowing entrance or passage of words.
2. Not capable of being disturbed, damaged, or harmed.
3. Etymology: from Latin impervius, "that which cannot be passed through"; from in-, "not, opposite of" + pervius, "letting things through"; from per, "through" + via, "road, way".
Not allowing criticism to bother a person.
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Not letting ideas enter a person's thoughts.
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1. By means of; through.

A person authorized to sign someone else's name to any document should add his or her own signature preceded by per.

2. According to; by: "He acted per his supervisor's instructions."

"The work was done per his directions."

Per actum intentio.
The intention [must be judged] by the act.
Per actus conamine.
You attempt by doing it.
Per actuta belli.
Through the asperities [hardships] of war.
Per angusta ad augusta (Latin motto)
Through difficulties to honor because sometimes we can not achieve great results without suffering by squeezing through narrow spaces.
per annum