olfacto-, olfact-

(Latin: to smell; pertaining to the sense of smell; scent; to cause to smell at)

From Latin olfactorius, from olfactus, olfacere, "to get the smell of, to sniff"; from olere, "to smell" + facere, "to make, to do".

olfact (s) (noun), olfacts (pl)
A unit of odor, the minimum perceptible odor, being the minimum concentration of a substance in a solution which can be perceived by a large number of normal individuals, expressed in terms of grams per liter.
olfactant (s) (noun), olfactants (pl)
Any substance which is capable of stimulating the sense of smell.
olfactible (adjective), more olfactible, most olfactible
Referring to that which can be smelled or being able to smell.
olfactic (adjective), more olfactic, most olfactic
A descriptive term referring to the senses of smelling.
olfaction (s) (noun), olfactions (pl)
The act of smelling, perceiving, and the ability to distinguish various odors.
The process of smelling.
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olfactism (s) (noun), olfactisms (pl)
A sensation of smelling.
olfactology (s) (noun), olfactologies (pl)
The scientific study of the sense of smelling.
olfactometer (s) (noun), olfactometers (pl)
1. An apparatus for testing the sensitiveness of odor perceptions.
2. A device for estimating the sensitivity to different odorants.
olfactometry (s) (noun), olfactometries (pl)
1. The measurement of the sense of smell.
2. A determination of the degree of sensitivity to odorants.
olfactophobia (s) (noun), olfactophobias (pl)
An extreme hatred or fear of smelling certain odors.
olfactor (s) (noun), olfactors (pl)
A smelling organ; such as, the nose.
olfactory (adjective), more olfactory, most olfactory
A reference to the sense of smell: Obviously, the nose is an olfactory organ for smelling.
Pertaining to smelling.
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olfactory anesthesia (s) (noun); olfactory anesthesias (pl)
The absence, or loss, of the sense of smell: The fear of olfactory anesthesia was a disturbing factor for the workers at the perfume factory.
olfactory area (s) (noun), olfactory areas (pl)
1. The sensory area for olfaction lying in the hippocampal gyrus of the brain.
2. The area of nasal mucosa in which the olfactory organ is situated.

One olfactory area is at the base of the brain through which numerous small branches of the anterior and middle cerebral arteries enter the depth of the cerebral hemisphere.

olfactory bulb (s) (noun), olfactory bulbs (pl)
1. One of two enlargements at the terminus of the olfactory nerve at the base of the brain just above the nasal cavities.
2. A key part of the olfactory apparatus consisting of a bulbous enlargement of the end of the olfactory nerve on the under surface of the frontal lobe of each cerebral hemisphere of the brain just above the nasal cavity.

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