ochlo-, ochl- +

(Greek: mob [people])

ochlesis, ochletic
1. A general morbid condition as a result of the crowding together of many people; especially, sick people, under one roof.
2. Any diseased or unhealthy condition due to, or exacerbated by, overcrowding.
Government by the mob or lowest of the people; mob-rule.
A description of mob rule or government by the multitude.
An intense obsession or desire to be in crowds.
1. Sexual arousal as a result of being in a crowd.
2. The paraphilia (non-mainstream sexual practices) involving sexual attraction to large crowds and gatherings of people.
ochlophobia, ochilophobia
An abnormal fear of crowds, or of being in crowded places, or populated areas.
ochlotheocracy (s) (noun), ochlotheocracies (pl)
The rule of a "mob" or crowd of gods.

Related "people, human" word units: anthropo-; demo-; ethno-; popu-; publi-.