ochlo-, ochl- +

(Greek: mob [people])

ochlesis, ochletic
1. A general morbid condition as a result of the crowding together of many people; especially, sick people, under one roof.
2. Any diseased or unhealthy condition due to, or exacerbated by, overcrowding.
Government by the mob or lowest of the people; mob-rule.
A description of mob rule or government by the multitude.
An intense obsession or desire to be in crowds.
1. Sexual arousal as a result of being in a crowd.
2. The paraphilia (non-mainstream sexual practices) involving sexual attraction to large crowds and gatherings of people.
ochlophobia, ochilophobia (s) (noun); ochlophobias, ochilophobias (pl)
An abnormal fear of crowds, or of being in crowded places, or populated areas.
An abnormal fear of being in a crowd.
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Having a strong fear of being with or traveling with a bunch of people.
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ochlotheocracy (s) (noun), ochlotheocracies (pl)
The rule of a "mob" or crowd of gods.

Related "people, human" word units: anthropo-; demo-; ethno-; popu-; publi-.