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swell, swell, swell, swell
swell (SWEL) (verb)
1. To become larger than normal: "The wasp sting made Shelley's whole arm swell up."
2. To make something larger or more full than normal: "The rain storm will certainly swell the river more than normal."
3. To increase in size or number: "Many populations in nations around the world tend to swell with more and more immigrants."
swell (SWEL) (noun)
The upward and downward movement of the water in the sea: "A storm tends to cause a swell, or swells, along the coast."
swell (SWEL) (verb)
An increase in loudness: "As the music began to swell, Henry had to put his hands over his ears because it was getting too loud for him to endure."
swell (SWEL) (adjective)
A slang substitute term for very good, excellent or wonderful: "We were so glad that we went to that swell party with our swell friends."

If you give Andrea too many compliments, her head will swell; then she will think that she is a swell person; of course, her ego will swell, too, if the praises continue to swell.

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(Greek: moss; blossom; also to swell, teem; young one; to be full, swell, bloom, cause to burst forth)
(Greek: swell, swelling)
(Greek: tumor, morbid growth; to swell, bulge; mass, group)
(Latin: swelling, to swell; swollen)