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subside (verb), subsides; subsided; subsiding (verbs)
1. To become less active or intense: After a few hours, the strength of the hurricane seemed to subside and was not as strong as it was earlier.
2. To drop or to sink to a low or lower level: Because of the hole in the bottom of the rowboat, it started to subside to the bottom of the lake.
3. To gradually sit or lie down; to sink into a sitting or lying position because of exhaustion: After running the marathon, Jason subsided on the grass so he could catch his breath.
4. To become quiet, less active, or less disturbed or upset: The cat's unhappiness at being left alone all day subsided after getting its dinner and sitting on the owner's lap to be petted.
5. Etymology: from sub, "down" + sidere, "to settle"; which is related to sedere, "to sit".
To sink to a low, or to a lower level; to become less active orto be less violent.
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To become quiet, less active, or less violent; to abate or to moderate. (1)