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sew, so, sow, sow
sew (SOH) (verb)
To make, repair, or to fasten by stitching, as with a needle and thread or a sewing machine: "Her mother is planning to sew another dress and to sew on some new buttons, too."
so (SOH) (adverb)
1. To a degree that is suggested or stated: "She had never felt so happy."

"Her mother told her that she shouldn't eat so fast."

2. In the same way: "He was always a hard worker and so was his mother."
sow (SOW) (verb)
1. To scatter (seed) over the ground for growing: "Every year in the spring, we sow corn."
2. To cause fear, doubt, etc. that can affect a large number of people: "Threats of war can sow fear in the region."
sow (SOU) (noun)
An adult female hog or even adult females of several other animals; such as, the bear: "The sow just gave birth to eight piglets who are now busy nursing."

So, a crow can scatter wheat seeds, but can a sow sow corn or can she even sew a dress? See how easy it is to confuse these words?

Remarked the tailor feeling low, "Business is bad, or just sew, sew."

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(Latin: sew, stitch)