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meniscus injury (s) (noun), meniscus injuries (pl)
Physical damages to the crescent-shaped pads; for example, between the two points of contact formed by the thigh bone and the shin bone: Damage of the surfaces of the cartilage disks can cause serious meniscus injuries.

Meniscus injuries of the knees are easily caused by the force of abnormal rotations of the two cartilage pads while carrying the weight of the body.

A meniscus injury may be caused by a partial or total tear of a tissue and it may take place when a person twists suddenly or rotates the upper leg while the foot stays in place; for example, when dribbling a basketball around an opponent or turning to hit a tennis ball.

If there is a very small tear, the tendon will stay connected to the front and back of the knee; however, if there is a big rupture, the meniscus injury may be left hanging by a thread and the seriousness of such a ripping apart depends on its location and how much has been damaged.

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