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congregation, conjugation
congregation (kong" gri GAY shuhn) (noun)
A body of assembled people or things; a gathering: The priest spoke to the congregation.
conjugation (kon" juh GAY shuhn) (noun)
The presentation of an inflected verb form: Part of the conjugation of the verb "to be" (in the singular, present tense) is: I am, you are, he/she/it is.

The final task for the congregation of English language specialists was to complete the conjugation of several verbs in Modern and Old English.

conjugation (s) (noun), conjugations (pl)
1. Forms of verbs that express the categories of person, number, gender, tense, and mood.
2. In grammar, the process of systematically listing the inflected forms of a verb; that is, a form that is different from a basic form; for example, a plural form or tenses.
3. An exchange or transfer of genetic information between two individuals in certain types of unicellular organisms, including bacteria and some protozoa.