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buggy, buggy
buggy (BUHG ee) (noun)
1. A light carriage that is usually pulled by one horse: Ralph commented, "The last time I heard, tourists can still find a horse and buggy for a short ride in New York City."
2. A small vehicle in which to transport a baby: The proud parents pushed their daughter in her new baby buggy through the city park.
buggy (BUHG ee) (adjective)
1. Full of or having many insects: Jane commented, "It's too buggy out here, let's go inside."
2. A computer program, system, etc. that has many problems or errors that prevent the proper operation of the computer: George said, "This buggy software is driving me crazy because I can't do anything with my computer!"

We drove our horse drawn buggy through the buggy swamp on our way to town to consult with a technician because our computer program was all buggy and needed repairing.