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titanium, Ti (s) (noun), (no plural)
A very strong and light silvery metal: Highly valued for its favorable ratio of strength to weight, titanium is a silvery solid or dark gray substance that is used in alloys, in powder metallurgy, and in the production of pure hydrogen.

As a metal, titanium is used to make strong, light, corrosion-resistant alloys (a mixture of two or more metals and a non-metal) with high melting points; that is, those that are used in aircraft wings, artificial hips, heart pacemakers, golf clubs, and jewelry.

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Titanium has an extraordinary combination of good qualities. It is only a little more than half as heavy as steel, it is stronger, weight for weight, than aluminum or steel; it is resistant to corrosion and it is able to withstand high temperatures.

For all of these reasons, titanium is now being used in aircraft, ships, and guided missiles; or wherever these properties can be put to good use.

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