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adverse (ad VURS, AD vurs") (adjective), more adverse, most adverse
Relating to being opposed to or hostile to someone or something; unfavorable and negative: Adverse winds prevented the plane from arriving on time.

Adverse winds usually reduce the speed of sailing vessels.

When striving to achieve a worthy objective, everyone should try never to be discouraged by adverse criticism.

High interest rates are adverse to increasing the sales of houses.

Conflicting with and contrary to one's interests; unfortunate.
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adverse hydro (adjective), more adverse hydro, most adverse hydro
A description of water situations that are unfavorable to the generation of water power: Adverse hydro conditions; such as, low rainfall or snowfall, and the lack of runoff from mountains or hills, limits the production of hydroelectric power.
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Opposing and acting in a contrary way; conflicting and hostile to one's interests. (1)