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lo, low, low
lo (LOH) (interjection)
Used to attract attention to something or to show wonder or surprise: The people shouted, "Lo, the king is approaching!"

The adventures we have shared for lo these many years.

low (LOH) (adjective)
1. Having little relative height; not high nor tall: The sun was low in the western sky.
2. Marking the bottom of something: Steve was at the low point of his career.
3. Not having typical strength or health: Sharon was feeling very low today and decided to stay in bed.
4. Characterized as not being loud: The singer was able to handle the low notes in the aria.
5. A description of something as being below the normal surface: The level of the water in the river was low because there had been no rain for weeks.
low (LOH) (noun)
The sound characteristic of a cow: Dina heard the low of the cattle in the barn.

"Lo, what a sight", said the sailor when he saw the sun setting over the low horizon. The sight was so impressive that the other sailors all spoke in low hushed tones.