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hi, hie, high
hi (HIGH) (interjection)
A form of greeting similar to using the word "hello": When Jim and Melba saw each other across the street, both friends shouted, Hi! and waved.
hie (HIGH) (verb)
To go or to move quickly: The lord shouted, "Hie you from my presence immediately."
high (HIGH) (adjective)
1. Taller than typical or expected: The ceilings in the room were very high.
2. Characterized by complexity: Jeremy studied high math in school.
3. A reference to unexpected costs for one's living standards: The high cost of living is getting more challenging.
4. Descriptive of excessive, often exuberant, or inappropriate behavior: Todd appeared to be high on drugs as indicated by his inappropriate laughter.

Jesse called out "Hi!" to his friend when he saw him hie quickly across the high fence on his way home from school.

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If you ever get on a passenger place and recognize a friend named Jack, don't shout "Hi Jack!"
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