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(Latin: a gland or the glands near the kidneys: ad-, "near" plus ren[es], "kidneys")
(Greek: eyelid; of or pertaining to the eyelid[s] or eyelash[es])
(Greek: from gamet[e], "wife" and gamet[es], "husband" [from gamein, "to marry"]; used chiefly as "pertaining to a gamete, a mature reproductive cell")
(Greek: inward, into; within)
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Benedictus es, O Domine: doce me Statuta Tua. (Latin motto)
Translation "Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me Thy statutes."

Motto of Bradfield College, U.K.

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entrée, entree (s) (noun); entrées, entrees (pl)
1. The main part of a meal: At the fancy restaurant a fine selection of desserts followed the entrée of various meat dishes.
2. The introductio to or access to a social group: Viola had an entree to upper society because her fiancé was the son of a major investor in the company.
The main course of a meal.
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