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electronic dummy, ED
1. A device which is used for simulating impedance, frequency response, and other characteristics of the human body to provide approximately equivalent features in vocal and hearing.
2. A vocal simulator that is a replica of the head and torso of a human, covered with plastisol or artificial flesh which is similar to the acoustical and mechanical properties of real flesh, and having an artificial voice and artificial ears.
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(Greek: that which is round[ed]; a wheel, a disk)
(Latin: edere, "to bite, to eat; eating, eatable; consume")
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sauté, saute (verb); sautés, sautes; sautéed, sauteed; sautéing, sauteing
To fry lightly in fat in a shallow open pan; probably because of the droplets of fat that "jump" around in the pan: When Janet sautés food quickly and lightly in a little butter, oil, or fat; such as, meat or onions, it has been fried quickly by tossing or flipping it around in the pan.
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Latin: edere, "to bite, to eat; eating, eatable"; in this unit.