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(Latin: together, together with, with)
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coadjutorship, co-adjutorship (s) (noun); coadjutorships, co-adjutorships (pl)
A colleague or an associate who works with another person or a staff of employees.
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co-belligerence, cobelligerence
Waging a war in cooperation against a common enemy without a formal treaty of military alliance.

Co-belligerence is a broader and less precise status of wartime partnership; such as, exists with a formal military alliance. Such an alliance may support each other materially, exchange intelligence, and have limited operational coordination.

The biggest farce of man's history has been the argument that wars are fought to save civilization.

—E. C. McKenzie
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codefendant, co-defendant (s) (noun), codefendants, co-defendants (pl)
A person or entity accused of a crime in criminal prosecution who has been joined together with one or more other individuals, a company, or an institution accused in a court of law: The evidence found in Herald's home that validated his guilt of a crime was an address book with many names, including those of the codefendants in the case.
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coeducation, co-education (s) (noun); coeducations, co-educations
The activity of students who are leaning consists of both genders or including both males and females or boys and girls: The coeducation that Tom and Mary received was at the same school which was noted for its excellent teaching by the instructors.
co-equal partners *
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Joint command; jointly all-powerful.
co-operate, cooperate
To work together, act in conjunction (with another person or thing, to an end or purpose, or in some kind of work).
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co-operation, cooperation
co-operative competition, cooperative competition (s) (noun); co-operative competitions, cooperative competitions (pl)
This kind of competition is based on promoting mutual survival in which "everyone wins".

It is the result of a process whereby individuals compete to improve their level of happiness, but they compete in a cooperative manner through peaceful exchanges and without violating the well-being of each other.

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co-operative, cooperative; co-operatively, cooperatively
1. Done in cooperation with others: "They tried to make a cooperative effort."
2. Marked by willingness to cooperate; compliant: "She was a cooperative patient."
3. Of, relating to, or formed as an enterprise or organization jointly owned or managed by those who use its facilities or services: "The residents lived in cooperative apartment buildings."
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co-operativeness, cooperativeness
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coordinate, co-ordinate (s) (noun), coordinates, co-ordinates (pl)
1. In geography, the location on a map of a site based on the intersection of latitude and longitude markings: The navigator used the coordinates he received from the supervisor to locate the long lost silver mine high in the mountains.
2. An assortment of clothing, including shoes, hose, etc. that are designed to compliment and to look well together when they are worn: The store was advertising skirt and sweater coordinates at a great price for the fall season just in time for students to buy stylish outfits.
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coordinate, co-ordinate (verb), coordinates, co-ordinates; coordinated, co-ordinated; coordinating, co-ordinating
To organize an activity in such a manner as to be well structured and functioning in a logical manner: Carol will be coordinating the work of the volunteers at the speaking event next week.
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coordinately, co-ordinately (adverb); more coordinately, more co-ordinately; most coordinately, most co-ordinately
Pertaining to doing something in a manner that is harmonious, encourages order, and results in a compatible situation for working together: The clerk worked conscientiously and coordinately to organize the files in the law office that had become disorganized and messy.
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coordinateness, co-ordinateness (s) (noun) (no plural)
An equal rank, a peer, or an equivalent: The landlord was happy with the sense of coordinateness that he felt with the tenants who lived in his apartment building.
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coordination, co-ordination (s) (noun), coordinations, co-ordinations (pl)
1. A smooth functioning of the movements of the arms and legs of the body: The audience applauded at the coordination of the gymnast who was performing high above the floor of the circus tent without a safety net.
2. Etymology: from Latin coordinationem, from Latin coordinare, "to set in order, to arrange"; from com-. "together" + ordinatio, "arrangement".
coordinative, co-ordinative (adjective); more coordinative, motr co-ordinative; most coordinative, most co-ordinative
Descriptive of grammatical or linguistic terminology: A conjunction, or linking word, that brings two words of identical rank or worth into one sentence; such as, "Peter, Nancy, and Heather walked down the street" where the word and serves as a coordinative, so the listing of the names are of equal relevance in the sentence.
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