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blasé (blah-ZAY) [blase] (adjective), more blasé, most blasé
1. A reference to being unconcerned or uninterested in something because of frequent exposures or indulgences: As a businessman, Mark flies first class so frequently, that he has a blasé attitude now whenever the subject comes up during a discussion.
2. Relating to a condition of a lack of concern; nonchalant: Marian has a blasé feeling about housecleaning because she must to do it so often.

Jim was told that there was a possibility that he could lose his job very soon; however, his blasé attitude seemed to indicate that he doesn't care if it happens.

3. Etymology: from a French word for being satiated or sick with overindulgence.

The term, blasé was used frequently in Parisian aristocratic circles during the decade prior to the Revolution of 1789, and for some reason, it was incorporated into English.

Referring to being exposed to something so often that it is no longer of interest.
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Descriptive of indulging in pleasure so much that there is no longer exciting.
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Related to being bored and indifferent about expensive gifts because of an excessive number of valuables that a person already has.
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Conveying a feeling of not being impressed or a lack of interest about something because of having experienced it so often before. (3)