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abvolt, aV
1. The centimeter-gram-second electromagnetic unit of electromotive force.

One abvolt is the difference of potential between any two points when one erg of work is required to move one abcoulomb of electricity between them; equal to 10-8 volts.

2. The unit of electromotive force in the electromagnetic centimeter-gram-second system.

One abvolt equals 10-8 volts in the absolute meter-kilogram-second system.

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(Latin: bird, birds)
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atrioventricular node, AV node (s); atrioventricular nodes (pl) (nouns)
The electrical relay station between the upper and lower chambers of the heart: "Electrical signals from the atria (upper chambers) must pass through the atrioventricular node in order to reach the ventricles (two lower chambers of the heart)."

"The atrioventricular note, or AV node, which controls the heart rate, is one of the major elements in the cardiac conduction system (specialized tissue that carries bodily electrical impulses)."

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