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aptitude (AP ti tood", AP ti tyood") (s) (noun), aptitudes (pl)
1. A natural ability to do something or to have the talent to obtain knowledge: Since Kelsey can speak five languages, she obviously has a great aptitude for learning languages.

Sam's son had no aptitude for sports; however, he did have an aptitude for computer technology, so he spent more of his time studying to be a computer programmer.

2. An inherent competency, as for learning: Dwayne's son said that he would be taking a new test at school which is supposed to measure his aptitude for learning.

Someone who can speak so many languages obviously has a great natural aptitude for learning.

3. Etymology: from Latin aptitudo, "fitness"; from Latin aptus, "joined, fitted"; meaning from "natural capacity to learn" is from the 1540s; that of "quality of being fit for a purpose or position" is from the 1640's + -tude, "quality, condition of".
A natural or acquired talent or ability.
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An acquired or natural ability or talent for learning a skill or to do something. (1)