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cyberbullying, cyber bullying (s) (noun); cyberbullyings, cyber bullyings (pl)
Using electronic communication to scare or to harm someone; usually, by sending messages of an intimidating (causing fear) or threatening (menacing) nature: Physical and verbal bullying are well-known problems in schools and, now, on the internet where cyberbullyings are considered to be hate-filled attacks on people who are using electronic communications; especially the internet.

Cyberbullying includes e-mail, cell phone, text messages, instant messaging, in blogs, wikis, and social networks; such as, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

Some kinds of cyberbullying involve threats, embarrassing pictures, slanderous remarks, and stories that are either not true or may even be true.

Schools are encouraged to adapt bullying prevention programs that include lessons on cyberbullying to ensure that students understand that targeting classmates through negative messaging or images online or through cellular phones is a form of bullying and will not be tolerated.

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