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cyberattack (s) (noun), cyberattacks (pl)
An assault against a computer system or network; especially, forms of digital attacks against businesses and government agencies that are designed to capture sensitive information from insiders' computers: Global cyberattacks have been identified and reported which have lasted up to five years on a wide range of governments, American corporations, and even United Nations groups.

Many crime groups performing cyberattacks in Eastern Europe and Asia spy on employee computers that have access to high profile and confidential data, resulting in credit card fraud, access to bank account information, and other valuable data.

"In some cyberattacks, the culprits are believed to be professional hackers engaged in disrupting an organization's operations for the sheer pleasure of it, or seeking revenge."

—"Global cyberattacks reported" by David Barroza and Keven Drew in the
International Herald Tribune; August 4, 2011; page 6.

Risks for 2012 highlighted by the World Economic Forum include the potential problems stemming from greenhouse gas emissions, cyberattcks, and disruptions in the water supply.

—Compiled from "In divinations and in data, 2012 looks dark"
by Eric Pfanner; International Herald Tribune; January 12, 2012; page 16.
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