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curriculum (s) (noun), curricula (pl)
1. The courses offered by educational schools or universities: Every three years, Dan's college curriculum is reevaluated and updated in order to prepare students for their vocational needs in technological careers.
2. The related courses particular to a field of study: It will be necessary for Betty to take and to pass seven of the eight courses in the anthropology curriculum.
A regular course of study in educational places.
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Specific course of study in schools, college, or university
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A particular or regular course of study collectively
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curriculum vitae, cv. (s) (noun), curricula vitae (pl)
1. A summary of one's education, professional history, and job qualifications; usually, for a prospective employer: Dr. Jones recommended that his students have their curricula vitae prepared well in advance of applying for their desired occupation.

Curriculum vitae is also called vita or vitae; a brief biographical résumé of a person's career and training, which is usually prepared by someone who is applying for a job or a professional career.

2. Etymology: from Latin, curriculum vitae, "the race of life"; from curriculum, "course" + vitae; from vita, "life".