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current (s) (noun), currents (pl)
1. The continuous forward movement of a body of water; such as, a river: Fred realized that he couldn't paddle against the current in the stream for much longer; so, he tried to move over to the side.
2. A flow of electricity: The lights flickered a lot last night because of the unsteady current during the storm.
3. A common movement or tendency in society: A current of popular belief often decides a presidential election.
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(Named after the Italian physician and physicist who investigated the nature and effects of what he conceived to be electricity in animal tissue; who in 1762 discovered and first described voltaic electricity; electric currents; and primarily, direct electrical current.)
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Antarctic Circumpolar Current (s) (noun), Antarctic Circumpolar Currents (pl)
The world's largest ocean current which circles the globe and feeds cold water into the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.
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atmospheric convection current (s) (noun), atmospheric convection currents (pl)
The vertical movement of air currents resulting from temperature variations.
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fault-current (s) (noun), fault-currents (pl)
Electricity that flows from a conductor to the ground or to another conductor because of something being wrong with the connections: Since there was a fault-current in the electrical system in Adam's old house, he often blew a fuse when he tried to turn on his lights.
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current (s) (noun), currents (pl)
The flow of electricity; for example, in metals which are good conductors of electric currents.
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