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cumulative (adjective), more cumulative, most cumulative
1. A reference to something that is increasing or enlarging with more additions: The cumulative impact of the California drought has been devastating; especially, for agricultural production!
2. Of or relating to interests or dividends which are added to the next payments if the bills have not been paid when on time.
4. In Law, supporting the same point as earlier evidence was doing: cumulative evidence.
5. A penalty that is imposed with greater severity when someone is a repeat offender: cumulative punishment.
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cumulative trauma disorder (s), cumulative trauma disorders (pl) (nouns)
Any of various musculoskeletal disorders; such as, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis; that are caused by cumulative damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, or joints: "Cumulative trauma disorders are characterized primarily by pain, weakness, and loss of feeling of the hands, wrists, arms, or shoulders resulting from highly repetitive movements."

"The term cumulative trauma disorder is now also known as: repetitive strain injury, repetitive stress injury, repetitive stress syndrome, or repetitive motion injury."

electron avalanche, avalanche effect, cascade, cumulative ionization
1. A chain reaction that starts when one free electron collides with one or more orbiting electrons and frees them.

The free electrons then free others in the same manner, etc.

2. The cumulative process in which an electron (or other charged particle) accelerated by a strong electric field collides with and ionizes gas molecules, thereby releasing new electrons which in turn have more collisions, so that the discharge is self-maintained.
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cumulative causation
The spiral buildup of mutually reinforcing advantages which occurs in specific geographic settings as a result of the development of external economies and localization economies.
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