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capable, culpable
capable (KAY puh buhl) (adjective)
Having the ability required for a specific task or accomplishment: Blake and Rudy were sure that Tamara was capable of winning the tennis match.
culpable (KUL puh buhl) (adjective)
Deserving of blame or censure as being wrong, evil, improper, or injurious: Neal is more culpable than the others of doing the right thing because he's had more experience than they have had.

The police investigator seemed to be very capable when he brought the charges against the two men stating that they were both culpable for stealing the car.

culpable (adjective), more culpable, most culpable
Relating to the justification of blame or censure as guilty of doing something criminal, evil, improper, or injurious: After Jacob was found culpable for the mismanagement at his company, he was forced to resign.

Sometimes an individual is just as culpable of a wrongdoing when he or she watches someone else doing something illegal and does not notify the authorities.

At the trial, the defendant was charged with culpable negligence for driving through a red traffic light.

President Trump denies any culpable responsibility for the chaos that exists in his staff.

Descriptive of condemnation or blame for neglecting to do something.
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Pertaining to deserving responsibility for doing something wrong
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