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In old English law, "guilty". Culpabilis de intrusione, guilty of intrusion. Non culpabilis (non cul.), the plea of "not guilty".

Culpability, blameworthiness. Except in cases of absolute liability, a person's criminal culpability requires demonstrable proof that he/she acted purposely, knowingly, recklessly or negligently, as the law may require, with respect to each material element of the offense.

Culpable conduct, blamable; censurable; criminal; at fault; involving the breach of a legal duty or the commission of a fault. That which is deserving of moral blame. It implies that the act or conduct spoken of is reprehensible or wrong, but not that it involves malice or a guilty purpose.

Culpa caret qui scit sed prohibere non potest. He/She is clear of blame who knows, but cannot prevent.

Culpa est immiscere se rei ad se non pertinenti. It is a fault for any one to meddle in a matter not pertaining to him/her.

Culpa in contrahendo. Term used to describe the liability that attaches to a breach of contract, especially a breach by the offeror after the offeree has begun performance in a unilateral contract and is stopped by the offeror before completion of the performance that is also the acceptance of the offer in a unilateral contract. [Would you consider this typical legalese?].

Culpa lata dolo equiparatur. Gross negligence is held to be equivalent to intentional wrong.

Culpa tenet [teneat] suos auctores. Misconduct binds [should bind] its own authors. It is a never-failing axiom that every one is accountable for his own delicts.

Culprit, one accused or charged with a commission of a crime. Also, commonly used to mean one who is guilty of a crime or a legal fault.

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Non culpabilis.
Not guilty.

A legal verdict exonerating a person who has been on trial.

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