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cubicle (s) (noun), cubicles (pl)
1. Small sleeping compartments; especially, within a dormitory: Irvin was assigned the upper bunk in the small cubicle in the student residence where he lived during the summer.
2. A small enclosed space available for work or study: Marge was able to rent a small locked cubicle in the library when she was completing her research project.
3. Small areas set off by walls for special uses: Each social worker had a private cubicle in which to conduct interviews with his or her clients.
4. A roomlet in which a monk or nun lives: Sister Jean’s cubicle was sparsely furnished with a cot, a chair, and a shelf.
5. A partitioned area in a room for private use in a larger, more public space inside of a building: There was a private cubicle in the locker room for the members of the swim team in which to change into their swimsuits or their clothes after their sessions of water sport .
6. Etymology: from Latin cubiculum, "bedroom" and cubare, "to lie down".

The cubicle became the term for "dormitory sleeping compartment" or sense of "any partitioned space" (such as a library carrel or, later, office work station) was recorded in 1926.

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