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crescendo (s); crescendos, crescendoes (pl) (noun forms)
1. In music, a gradual increase or to grow in loudness: "The audience could hear a gradual increase in the crescendo of the sympathy."
2. An increase in volume or intensity similar to a crescendo in music: "The excitement of the audience reached its crescendo when the singer came on the stage."
3. A musical instruction to gradually increase the volume: "The musicians were following the directions of the conductor to begin the crescendo of the musical performance."
4. At a peak or apex of intensity: "Complaints about the unemployment and other economic conditions have reached such a crescendo that it will be very difficult for the current political party to be re-elected."
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crescendo, crescendos, crescendoed, crescendoing (verbs)
1. To grow in loudness or intensity.
2. Etymology: crescendo is an Italian word which comes from the Latin word crescere, "to grow" or "to increase".

In music, it refers to an increase in loudness, and also to the point at which the sound is at maximum volume.

It may also be used to refer to things other than sound, but it always indicates that there is a increase in the volume of something or that a person is at the peak of an increase of some kind.

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Increasing of sound.
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