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crepitant (adjective), more crepitant, most crepitant
1. A reference to the feel or sound of crackling or rattling, or of rough surfaces being rubbed together: The crepitant sound of the virtual DVD of a fireplace which Jim's sister has is realistic; the only thing missing is the warmth.
2. Pertaining to a fine bubbling noise produced by air entering fluid in lung tissue: The most crepitant sounds are heard during pneumonia and in certain other conditions.
3. Etymology: from Latin crepitans, "An audible crackling sound."
Making a crackling sound on the stairs.
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crepitant crackle (s), crepitant crackles (pl) (nouns)
An abnormal breathing sound produced at the end of breathing in and caused by air entering a collapsed alveoli (air cells in the lungs) or just collapsed alveoli and atelectasis (collapse of the lung) that contain fibrous exudate (fluid that oozes out of blood vessels because of inflammation and which is deposited in nearby tissues): "Crepitant crackles occur in pneumonia, tuberculosis, and pulmonary edema."
This entry is located in the following unit: crepit- (page 1)
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Making crepitant sounds such as those on a stairway at night when someone doesn't want anyone else to hear him or her. (1)