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crape, crepe
crape (KRAYP) (noun)
An armband of dark cloth, often worn on one's sleeve, as a sign of mourning: While deciding to attend the funeral of his friend, Wilbur thought about wearing a crape on his left sleeve as well as on his hat.
crepe (KRAYP) (noun)
Woven fabric that has a slightly crinkly appearance: The shop attendant stated that the crepe came in several colors for spring.

The dark crepe which Jean bought at the store will be used to make a crape to wear to the memorial service for her former boss.

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crepe (s) (noun), crepes (pl)
1. A thin pancake in which to wrap savoury or sweet foods: Betty enjoyed a crepe with aromatic herbs for lunch, which was often filled with grated pear and cheese and slightly grilled to melt the cheese.
2. A soft, wrinkly surfaced sole of a shoe, often used to prevent slipping when walking: The bottoms of Greg's shoes were made of crepe which gave him assurance against falling.
3. A woven fabric with an uneven surface: Years ago, many people wore a band of crepe on their arms to indicate that they were in mourning for the death of a close friend or family member.
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crepe ring, C-ring
Saturn's inner ring, also known as the C-ring, which extends inward to the planet from the brightest ring or the B-ring.
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