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cosmetic (s) (noun), cosmetics (pl)
1. A preparation; such as, powder or a skin cream that is designed to beautify the body by direct application: Cosmetics are substances especially prepared to improve, beautify, and generally increase the attractiveness of a person.

Preparations of cosmetics are therefore intended to promote the health and beauty of the complexion, hair, hands, and nails of the hands and even of the feet.

2. Something superficial that is used to cover a physical deficiency or defect: Even men utilize cosmetics to enhance their physical appearances.
3. An item that is decorative rather than functional: As a hobby, Henry likes to put special fenders on cars that are cosmetic.
(Greek: kosmos to cosmos; "world, universe"; from its "perfect order and arrangement"; to order, to arrange, to adorn; well-ordered, regular, arranged; skilled in adornment, which came into English as cosmetic.)
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cosmetic surgery (s) (noun), cosmetic surgeries (pl)
Any surgical operation directed at improving appearance, except when required for the prompt repair of accidental injury or the improvement of the functioning of a malformed body part.