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correction (kuh REK shuhn) (s) (noun), corrections (pl)
1: The act of improving something: Mrs. Smith marked the errors and gave it back to the student for revisions or corrections.
2: An alteration that rectifies a flaw or error: Jim read the improvements, or corrections, that his teacher, Mr. Jackson, made on his homework.
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error correction code
A code on an RFID tag that enables a reader to determine the value of missing or garbled bits of data.
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gamma correction
1. A correction to the contrast of images and displays, performed by either software or hardware, and designed to correct for the fact that the intensity displayed on a cathode-ray tube is not linearly related to the input voltage.
2. Adjustments applied during the display of a digital representation of color on a screen in order to compensate for the fact that the Cathode Ray Tubes used in computer monitors, and televisions, produce a light intensity which is not proportional to the input voltage.

The light intensity is actually proportional to the input voltage raised to the inverse power of some constant, called gamma.

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