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choral, chorale, coral, corral
choral (KOHR'l, KOR uhl) (adjective)
Referring to a choir or chorus: The choral group at the church met every Thursday evening to practice.
chorale (kuh RAL) (noun)
A hymn sung by the choir and congregation of a church: The chorale which the choir is going to sing was written by J. S. Bach who wrote for soloists and choirs.
coral (KAWR uhl, KOR uhl) (noun)
Colonial marine animals and the hard, rock-like structure, formed by such organisms: The pink coral in her necklace came from the coral reefs in the ocean.
corral (kuh RAL) (noun)
An enclosure for confining livestock; such as, horses, cattle, etc.: The cowboys exercised the horses in the corral every morning.

For the TV program, the choral group, "The Singing Cowboys", was standing in the corral singing a chorale work which had been written for them.

Their insignia was a small piece of coral mounted on each of their silver belt buckles.

corral (s) (noun), corrals (pl)
1. A fenced in area in which livestock or horses are kept: : The cowboys drove their cattle into the corral and closed its gate.
2. A temporary defensive enclosure formed by covered wagons arranged in a circle: In the early west, when the travelers saw Indians coming, they circled the wagons and created a corral.
3. Etymology: from Latin currere, "to run"; and from Spanish corro, "ring", from correr, "to run"; a pen for horses.
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corral (verb), corrals; corralled; corralling
To herd animals into and to keep them in a special enclosure: The determined cowboys were finally able to corral all of the wild mustangs.
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